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CM Yogi advances his crusade against COVID-19 and Black Fungus


CM Yogi geared up to tackle all future challenges, 12-member CAM team formed in SGPGI to ensure treatment of lethal post-COVID-19 phenomenon

Lucknow: After successfully combating the COVID-19 second wave with an impressive recovery rate of 97.4 percent, the cases of black fungus, despite being very few in numbers, have prompted the Yogi Adityanath Government to issue warnings and put doctors on a high alert.

“A few cases of this fatal disease have been found among recovered COVID-19 patients. The Department of Health and Medical Education should ensure that every patient with black fungus receives appropriate treatment,” said the Chief Minister while addressing a high-level meeting on Thursday.

He also instructed the officials to ensure adequate availability of medicines required to treat black fungus in every district. “Under no circumstances should there be black marketing of these drugs,” said the CM.

The CM also directed the officials to develop a separate facility and reserve a few beds in every hospital for the treatment of black fungus. 

12 Member CAM Team

To overcome the challenges posed by the increased cases of black fungus, the UP Government has already formed a 12 member COVID-19 associated mucormycosis (CAM) management team of SGPGI. it includes Nodal Officer Dr. Amir Kesari (Neuro-otology) and members: Prof Alok Nath (HoD, Pulmonary Medicine), Prof Shantanu Pandey (CVTS), Prof Vikas Kannojia (Ophthalmology), Prof Rungmie Marak (Microbiology), Dr. Subhash Yadav (Endocrinology), Dr. Arun Srivastava (Neurosurgery), Dr. Pawan Kumar Verma (Neurosurgery), Dr. Sujit Kumar Gautam (Anesthesiology), Dr. Chetna Shamsheri  (Anesthesiology), Dr. Vinita Mani (Neurosurgery), Dr. Kuldeep Vishwakarma (Maxillofacial surgery).

The team will be responsible for:

– Forming Rapid Response Teams (RRTs)

– Making treatment protocol

– Ensuring availability of medicines and database of cases

– Creation of more teams in state medical colleges and hospitals

– Sensitisation of healthcare workers for early diagnosis and management of cases as per ICMR guidelines

– Making recommendations to reduce panic among public and health care workers

CM Yogi In Continuous Touch With Patients

CM Yogi, who is safeguarding 24 crore people of his state from the second and third waves of COVID-19, is making all the possible efforts to eradicate black fungus disease. In between all sorts of pressure, he is keeping a check on patients via phone call. 

Not only the CM has made strong preparations for combating mucormycosis but also has instructed his officials to keep a check on the health of patients suffering from post-COVID diseases and their families through CM Helpline and ICCC. 

Urging the doctors to stay continuously in touch with the patients, CM said, “I should not receive any kind of complaint regarding lack of treatment or medicines. Make sure patients  get top-class treatment.” 


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